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Autistic young people celebrate their graduation from the supported internship programme

Kelton, Jake and Michael are celebrating their successful graduation from a supported internship programme at the Whittington Hospital in north London.
The young people have been gaining valuable skills and experience working in various support roles at the Hospital.

Kelton collects his certificate


Kelton worked in the patient dining and retail team for his first rotation. In this rotation he picked and packed patient lunch orders. He then delivered the orders to the wards, loading them into the ovens and checking the temperature of the food before it was served to the patients. Kelton was also responsible keeping the kitchen areas clean by wiping down surfaces, mopping floors and taking to the recycling to the recycling centre. 

For his second rotation Kelton worked in the housekeeping team in the non-clinical areas. Kelton cleaned areas such as communal corridors, kitchens, and bathrooms in the residential areas. Kelton also prepared the bedrooms for staff by ensuring it was cleaned and the bedsheets had been changed.


Jake collects his certificate


This is Jake's second year on the internship as he was given an extension due to the pandemic. In year one Jake worked in the community at a local charity store in Turnpike Lane. Jake then moved to the hospital and worked in clinic 4d’s children's paediatrics outpatient department in an admin role. Jake was responsible for tracking the files in and out of the department, collecting patient files from other departments and updating the outcomes of patient appointments. 

In year two Jake worked in the orthopaedics department on the reception desk. Jake booked in patients for their appointments, added referrals on the system and tracked files in and out of the department. 

Jake then moved on to the imaging department in an admin role where he added referrals on to the system, sorted referrals and scanned in patients’ letters. 

For his final rotation, Jake worked in the pharmacy department. Jake picked and packed medication orders for the wards, collected medication order books from wards daily and sorted returned medication. 

Jake has been success in gaining a full-time role as health records assistant in the health records department at the Whittington Hospital.

Jake said of his time on the programme: 

"Before the internship I tried to get apprenticeships but I couldn’t because I just kept getting rejected, and I couldn’t get an interview because I didn’t have enough qualifications. After the internship my placements helped me to learn the skills I need to get and keep a job and also what’s it’s like to be in a work environment.”


Michael collects his certificate


Michael first worked in the clinic 4d children's outpatients’ department as an admin assistant. He collated, printed, and sorted the patient list and top sheets for each clinic during the day. Michael also tracked files in and out of the department as well as collecting patient files from other departments. Michael also worked on reception booking patients in for their appointments. 

For his second rotation Michael worked in the pharmacy department where he picked and packed medication orders for the wards, answered the phone and dealt with staff queries and checked stock levels in the medication cupboards on the wards. 

For his final rotation Michael worked in stores where he sorted deliveries, delivered the packages to the departments and wards.


Nick collects his certificate


Nicholas Hensman, who is the Project Co-ordinator at Whittington hospital said: 

"Clinic 4d children’s outpatient department was the first department we worked with and has hosted numerous interns over the past three years. The team has been so supportive and a great example of how to include an intern and make them feel a part of the team. Thank you so much to the whole team!"


Applications are still open for our supported internships programme this year!

For more information about the programme please email Gemma Mullan, Supported internships lecturer at