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Ambitious Approach

Our Ambitious Approach across all our educational settings is person centred, values based, trans-disciplinary, and underpinned by a whole-organisational Positive Behaviour Support framework.

Children and young people in our education settings have Education, Health and Care (EHC) plans, which outline their aspirations, outcomes, needs, and support. We regularly and comprehensively monitor, evaluate and report on progress. We offer a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum, highly personalised to the particular needs, talents, and interests of all our learners.

They have access to a range of qualifications and non-accredited learning, according to their interests, desired outcomes, and abilities.

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Read the latest about our work, and read personal stories, by our learners or relatives and staff.

We also place importance on nurturing and supporting the wellbeing of all our learners and fostering as much independence as possible. We work with parents and carers in a partnership that works for the child or young person and their future plans and hopes.

We value the voice of our learners in decision-making about their future. As communication can be difficult for many of them, we invest in the skills and resources that give them a voice in a variety of ways.

The safety and security of our learners are paramount. We have in place robust child and adult safeguarding policies and processes.

We are constantly developing, searching for and open to new ethical and evidence-based approaches that help our young people. We share our experiences and knowledge with others to enhance expertise in the field of autism education.

Our services are subject to Ofsted inspections, which are published online, on our website, and by Ofsted.

Find out more in the video below about our approach to education and how we support autistic children and young people to be themselves and realise their ambitions within our education services.


Find out more about our Ambitious Approach.