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Maximum independence

This course is designed to support young people to have as independent a life as possible after college. It promotes a range of self-help skills that will improve the quality of life for learners by offering practical support to help them develop independence skills such as travel training, budgeting, developing friendships, and accessing local community venues.

When the learners start with us they are baselined in all areas of the curriculum so we can accurately track progress and identify where more or less support is needed to promote independence. We use these baselines as well as their Education, Health and Care (EHC) plans, and our own destination data to set targets and ensure young people are working towards the best possible outcomes after they leave us. 

Our support staff is focused on managing their levels of support to allow learners to complete as much as possible for themselves and to learn from any mistakes made in a safe environment.

Day in the life at Ambitious College

Find out more about how we support our learners, deliver our curriculum, and hear from teachers to find out what it is like to learn at Ambitious College.

Community access forms an important part of the Maximum independence curriculum. Preparing to go out starts in college by accessing Google Maps or phone apps such as Citymapper to plan routes and times. Learners are encouraged to understand what they need to take with them to complete their activity and keep them safe. When out in the community learners travel train and increase their road safety awareness as a part of going to meaningful destinations to learn in functional environments.

Maths and English is integrated throughout the course and learners have the opportunity to practice money skills in functional environments in the community such as cafes, banks, shops, and takeaways.

Learners who complete this course may wish to go on to our Preparing for Employment course.

Read personal stories, many written by our learners or relatives and staff who support them.

Meet our team of qualified teachers and behavioural analysts.