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James's story

James is very sociable and loves to keep fit and active. He is a learner at Ambitious College and requires 1:1 support. Our team spent time getting to know James, looking at various aspects of his life, such as his home, local community, educational background and other skills and interests.

A supported employment planning meeting was held with James, his family and other people in his life who were committed to James getting a job. They asked questions such as what works and doesn’t work in supporting James. What are the ideal conditions for his working environment? What is his ideal job?

The team then investigated jobs available to James, learning how the tasks are done and what the expectations employers had. Time was taken to get to know the working environment and the culture to make sure that it was the right fit for both James and the employer.

James’ first work experience was at a distribution company, delivering leaflets. James required a lot of support initially to carry out the task, but within three hours he was delivering leaflets, with the support of a Job Coach.  James enjoyed his day and was laughing and smiling until the end of it. He is now doing similar distribution work for Scrivens Opticians, employed as a casual worker and supported by his job coach. James is working up to six hours a week as a paid employee. He continues to enjoy the role which involves being active, working with people and doing systematic tasks.


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