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Supported internships at Ambitious College

The supported internship programme is thriving, and the interns have been busy learning new skills. This year we welcomed four new interns to the internship. Paige, Michael, Daniel and Trae joined us in September for their induction and are all now in placements across the hospital. We welcomed Kelton after the half term break.

We also welcomed back Angus, Ronan, Tayo and Jake who came back in September and went straight to work in their new placements.


What have the interns been up to?

Angus is working in the health records department as an assistant. He is responsible for finding patient files ready for their appointments across the hospital. Angus must return the files to the shelves once their appointments have finished. He can collect over 100 files per day!

Angus said: ''I like doing trollies and lists everyday.''


Angus sorting filing


Ronan has been working for the cancer and surgery department in the Bariatrics team as an admin assistant. He has been working on a large data entry project to search for patient information on the system and to organise the patient data sheets which have piled up over lockdown. It was a big job, but Ronan has managed to work through it in record time!

Ronan says: '' I enjoy working on the computer and with my mentor, Lorna.''

Tayo is currently working for the Facilities department with the porter's team. Tayo is working with the general porting team who are responsible for moving patients and equipment across the hospital. Tayo had trialled working in other area such as waste services and grounds team but decided that general porting was the best fit. Tayo has enjoyed it so much that he hopes to return this year.

Jake has been working with the Orthopaedics admin team. Orthopaedics is one of the busiest departments in the hospital as they have up to 150 patients per day coming for appointments. Jake has been working on the front desk learning how to book patients in and practising his customer service skills. Jake has also been supporting with admin behind the scenes such as filing  patient letters and taking notes from voicemails.

Jake says: '' I have enjoyed working on the front desk and with the team.''


Care certificate training

In September, interns had a training session with Douglas from the nurse training team to learn about the care certificate. Interns learned practical skills such as how to take a temperature and participated in interactive quizzes. The session focused on the care certificate standards and was very informative and fun! 


Celebrating Black History Month

The hospital Celebrated Black History month with a walk-through display in the canteen showcasing influential black people throughout history. The interns also spoke to a See Me First advocate and signed the pledge to create an open, non-judgemental, and inclusive NHS organisation. The interns received a badge and lanyard for making the pledge.

The hospital also unveiled a new statue to commemorate the Windrush and Commonwealth generation of NHS Nurses.


Black history month poster


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