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Mite finds confidence through work experience

Mite is a third year learner at Ambitious College. Most days, he needs two people to support him. He has a work experience placement at St James’ Church Café, London.

Going out on work experience was a big step for Mite, as he would be out of his usual routine, meeting and working with unfamiliar people, tolerating different sensory stimuli, and responding flexibly to new instructions.

In his work experience, Mite has gone from strength to strength. In the early days, he would work away from other employees at a table on his own, spending ten minutes chopping vegetables before returning to college. 

In the following months, he spent more time at the café and began performing more varied tasks. He began greeting his peers and colleagues, engaging more with his surroundings, and generally enjoying his new position.

Mite now spends all of his session in the café. He follows a routine, completing tasks such as setting up the tables and chairs, chopping vegetables for soup, and tidying up afterwards. He is aware of the importance of basic food hygiene – washing his hands and wearing an apron.

Mite’s level of independence and his self-esteem have improved greatly, and it shows in his new-found confidence. Mite’s employer, Hannah Whitehead, Head of Community Ministries, has said: “He is clearly content. He is precise – and it was so lovely to see him so pleased to be a part of the café.”

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