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Thomas wins a Mo Farah foundation running t-shirt

Thomas has written a blog about how he won his Mo Farah running shirt.

In the gym at West Thames College, I was given a hard challenge by David who expected me to achieve a goal. Tha challenge set-up he gave me was more than 20x ski pull ups, 15 press-ups, more than 20x rowing pulls and finally at least 8x back to front sit ups. I completed the challenge in four and a half minutes.

The prize was 2x free Cineworld tickets to a movie you want to go to. However, there was something else which I didn't expect. David gave me a different prize, which was the Mo Farah Foundation running t-shirt! Wow! I didn't know I had achieved that goal and I was delighted. 

If you try the hard way you will always beat the impossible.

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