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An artist in the making

Conor is a 2nd year learner at Ambitious College; he lives at home with his parents and two sisters. Conor accesses an art class with our co located partner, CONEL.

Conor is a gifted artist who enjoys exploring his emotions through cartooning. He devises story boards, drawing them by hand using ink. He also draws pictures using the Paint application. Using this process Conor has produced two limited edition prints of 50 each. The prints depict two stories

  • Mina in Wonderland  which explores the fantasy world of cartoons and animation,
  • Magemmo X Adeen is an interpretation of young love.

Conor has had his art work displayed as part of a wider art exhibition in the CHI & Partners London offices.

Conor is selling the framed pictures for £15 each. If you are interested in purchasing a print, please email:

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