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Study programmes

We’re here to support young people with autism to achieve the life they want. To do this we follow the four pathways developed by Preparing for Adulthood:

  • Independent living
  • Employment
  • Friends, relationships and community inclusion
  • Health and well being

Learners access teaching from all four pathways. The balance is dependent on what they want to do after college. Learners will be supported, where possible, in setting their own learning targets. Functional skills such as communication, literacy, numeracy and ICT are developed throughout the entire curriculum. Our learners acquire these skills through ‘doing’ rather than in a more traditional classroom-based model, as we know that’s how they learn best.

We want to improve the way our learners acquire skills and participate in everyday life. The approach we use to enable this is called Positive Behaviour Support (PBS). PBS is used to help our learners overcome patterns of challenging or socially isolating behaviours. This helps them to learn more effectively and achieve their long-term goals.

Our Model of Practice.

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