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Giant puppet making with Alexandra Palace

In July Alexandra Palace worked with Ambitious College learners to the palace to build giant festival puppets.

The puppets made during these workshops brought together our puppetry heritage with the ‘summer of love’ theme. A giant Croc, Sun, Muffin the Mule and the two heads from Pink Floyd’s album ‘The Division Bell’ were collaboratively created over two weeks.

The Transmitter hall was the ideal space to host this group due to the access ramp and size of the room. Some learners found great pleasure in running and dancing in the room. The project was designed using a flexible structure wherein the learners were able to dip in and out of stations throughout the two-hour period. The collaborative and collective nature of the project provided opportunities for the learners to work together and support each other. The use of bright colours and different textures was appealing to a lot of the learners and the different stations such as papier mache, painting and fabric decorating meant that everyone could participate

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