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The aim of Ambitious College is to support its learners to acquire the skills they need to live the life they want, and the assessment process and programme is designed to reflect the aspirations of each learner. Potential students are given the opportunity to be assessed by our trans-disciplinary team to create a bespoke and personalised study programme which provides them with the support they need to learn and achieve.  For more information, please read our Admissions Policy.

Read our guide on how to request a place at a specialist school or college and knowing your rights.

Pre-entry assessment

The pre-entry assessment will normally take place in the young person’s current educational setting or at their home. Reports from the learner’s current school or college, and information from parents and other professionals willalso be reviewed. If the college can meet the learner’s needs, the appropriate course from the Ambitious College curriculum is identified and this can be used to support an application for funding.

We do not give priority to applications from pupils enrolled at particular schools.


The final decision about placements is made by the learner’s home local authority, based on the preference expressed by the family and our assessment. Under the Children and Families Act 2014 a parent or learner can request that a preferred college be named in an Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plan.

Our learners are funded by the Education Funding Agency and local authorities (usually from education budgets) with some input from social care and/or health as best meets the young person’s needs. Personal budgets can also be used to contribute to placement at Ambitious College.

Ambitious College was awarded Section 41 Secretary of State approved status in 2014 and gained Education Funding Agency (EFA) registration in January 2015. Registration means that we are contracted by the EFA to deliver education and training for learners with high needs for local authorities that agree placements.

Individual programmes

During the first term, learners will have an opportunity to sample a wide range of curriculum areas to decide which are priorities. During the first few weeks of the programme an even more comprehensive assessment is undertaken and used to develop an individual programme and objectives for each of the curriculum areas.

Admissions process

The admissions process is as follows:

  1. Call the admissions team on 020 8815 5428 expressing an interest in a place at Ambitious College and arrange to attend one of our open day visits and tour events. 
  2. On your visit, you will receive two application forms. One form is for parents and the young person, and the other is for professionals in the young person’s current educational setting. They are available electronically on request.
  3. Return both completed forms to the admissions team. Parents are responsible for ensuring professionals complete and return their forms.
  4. Once both sets of forms and any supporting reports have been submitted to the college, the college admissions panel will make a decision about whether an assessment will be undertaken.
  5. If an assessment is to go ahead, parents will be informed. Assessments normally take place in the young person’s current educational setting or at their home.
  6. The college admissions panel meets once a week throughout the academic year. Parents or carers will be informed of the assessment decision in a timely manner.
  7. When an offer of a placement is made, we will inform the local authority. If an offer is not made, the Head of Ambitious College decision is final.
  8. If funding is agreed by the local authority, a transition plan will be provided for the learner in due course. The plan will be based on a phased transition, in line with the college admissions policy, at the start of an academic year.

We have a different admissions process for our Supported Internship programme. To start the process, first request an application form from the admissions team at

Open days

You can find information about our open days

Further information

For more information, please read our Ambitious College Admissions Arragements (PDF 170KB) or contact us by phone 020 8815 5428 or email

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